Why would I want plantation shutters for the interior of my home?

Plantation shutters are the most elegant, cost effective and stylish window light, privacy and ventilation system available. They are a custom, built-in window accent providing maximum flexibility, insulation and control of light, privacy, ventilation using a frame with movable louvers.

How long does it take for my shutters to arrive?

The lead-time is 12 weeks after order has been confirmed. 50% of deposit will be required.

How many panels do I need in my opening?

We recommend using the fewest panels possible to preserve your view.

What wood do you offer?

We use Kiri primarily for our wood shutters and Basswood is our best 2nd alternative wood species.  The advantage of using Kiri as our main source of material is that Kiri is very strong and light in weight, a perfect material for shutters application.  Kiri is one of the lightest hardwoods reducing the chance of sagging in large panels. Its uniform grain pattern provides a smooth even-stained appearance.  In addition to making a beautiful shutter, Kiri is often used for building musical instruments and surfboards.

What size plantation shutter louver is best for my needs?

When making your louver choice, consider the size of the window and the desired effect. The larger windows prefer the 3.5″, 4.5″ louvers where the view is paramount; using the 3.5″, 4.5” louvers, the eye naturally focuses on the view through the open louvers. The smaller windows prefer the 2.5″ or possibly 3.5″ louvers where the eye will more naturally “see” the shutter before observing the view.

How do I determine if I need a frame?

Frames are required for two reasons:
Lack of depth in the opening to accommodate panels and unobstructed operation of the louvers.
Uneven opening dimensions: Many openings have adequate depth but have uneven dimensions. For example, you measure the width at the top, middle and bottom of the opening and have a 1/4″ difference. If you installed shutter panels (they are perfectly even in dimension) in this opening, you would have uneven gaps between the panels and the window jamb. The “Z” mold framing corrects uneven dimensions by providing a nice even opening for the panels to be installed.

How difficult is maintenance?

Plantation shutters are easily cleaned using a feather duster and a damp sponge or soft cloth. Unlike aluminum and vinyl products, there is no static charge to attract dust.

When to buy them?

When renovating your house – Shutters are a large furniture piece at your home. Choose a color that matches your theme/personality can make a big visual impact in any room.

When selling your house – Many would say why invest in your house when you are about to move out? To attract buyers you need to make sure that everything is perfect. Shutters add value to your home and provide a great design impact at a low investment cost.

When moving to a new house – Chances are, it has regular window blinds that don’t complement to your style. You would want to install new shutters to brighten up your new home. For those who have young kids, shutter is a great idea as there are no dangling cords around the house anymore.

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